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miracle dogs2011 is a year of exciting opportunities. I am thrilled to be doing my new radio show, "The Janine Turner Radio Show - What Would Our Founding Fathers Do." I am having a great time interviewing so many fabulous guests and I am learning from all of the specialists in their fields. I am also writing for Politico and Fox Opinion, among other entities, and since I love to write and I love our country I am thoroughly enjoying these projects. I am appearing on talk shows and radio shows promoting the issues I believe in, one of them being the United States Constitution and the foundation I co-chair with Cathy Gillespie,  "Constituting America,"  I am giving speeches around the country for the corporate world, political functions, sobriety outreaches and promoting the contest that Constituting America sponsors for students from elementary school age to college age. It is our, "We the People 9.17 Contest."  I am thrilled that Juliette and I have another song to promote, "Little Rose." I am going to be filming our music video and editing it with Juliette. We always have fun directing and editing. I am reading exciting and educational books such as, "Ratification" by Pauline Maier, "Atlas Shrugged" by Ayn Rand and "Odyssey" by Homer. Most especially, with immense joy, I am a mother to my daughter and with every day I seek for a deeper understanding of my God, without whom I am nothing, through prayer, meditation, reading and the study of His word. 

2010 has been quite the year! Every year I have an entrepreneurial project. This year I founded a 501c3 organization to educate American citizens and- students about the United States Constitution. I started this with my best friend and co-chair, Cathy Gillespie. This has been quite an adventure!! I have written many Opinion Editorials for Fox News Forum, (they are in the essay's box in the middle of my home page). One of the Op-Eds was entitled, "90 & 90 = 180, History Holds the Key to the Future." This Op-Ed launched the idea for our first project for our foundation, a 90 day forum in which we studied the Constitution and the 85 Federalist Papers in 90 days. We had a guest scholar for every paper and Cathy and I wrote 90 essays ourselves. The topic was the relevancy of the Constitution to today. We had a nationwide blog. Many participated, we had a great time and I learned SOOO much. During this time, we also launched our contest for kids our, "We the People 9.17 Contest." Most people thought it was crazy to try to launch a contest, when we had just had the 'official launch" of our foundation on President's Day in February. We did it anyway. We decided to make it a different type of contest. We added cultural aspects to intrigue the kids. Best original song, best essay, best short film and best public service announcement. I started a nationwide publicity campaign doing radio, press and appearing on television shows such as Hannity, Glenn Beck, Megyn Kelly, Fox & Friends, Huckabee, CNN, to name a few. Juliette and I even sang on "Huckabee" for the cause. We had hundreds of entries and fabulous celebrity judges. After our winners were selected, we realized that they spanned the country: California, Arizona, Colorado, Wisconsin, Illinois, Alabama, Georgia and NYC. We thus wrapped a small, old RV in our Constituting America logo and traveled 6,200 miles across America to film a documentary of our winners in their home states culminating with a celebration with our winners in Philadelphia where they performed their works on the stage at the miracle dogsNational Constitution Center. I wrote the script, Cathy, Juliette and I held the cameras as we filmed the kids and Juliette and I edited 60 hours of footage down to 47 minutes so that the schools could show our documentary in their classrooms for Constitution Day, September 17! Whew! Our winners won scholarship money as well as a trip to Philly and appearances on Fox News. Please check out our website and contest for 2011. We are expanding to colleges! You may watch our documentary and our year in review slideshow there or on my site's homepage. Meanwhile, I continued my personal political enthusiasm and fascination with our founding fathers. Juliette and I met many political figures this year and many Senators and Congressmen and women who are devoted to the Constitution. We had the great pleasure of discovering Boston, MA and the birthplace of John Adams. When I walked into his crypt and saw the tombs of John and Abigail Adams, I wept! We returned for a wreath ceremony for John Quincy Adams with Senator and Mrs. Scott Brown. In October, we even traveled to Alaska to MC and event for Senatorial Candidate Joe Miller. I had the great honor of introducing Sarah Palin. How fun it was to be in Alaska. I portrayed an Alaskan bush pilot on TV for 5 years and had never actually visited Alaska!! I continued to give speeches around the country, I started a personal blog and my own PODCAST RADIO SHOW, "What Would Our Founding Father's Do?" I will be taking daily topics and relating them to the genius perspectives of our founding fathers! I will have other colorful aspects to the show so be sure to tune in! I am also writing for Politico in the Arena section. I have a link on my homepage. Meanwhile, I am doing what I love most: raising my precious, darling daughter on our ranch and studying the word of our Lord. Speaking of which, I recorded a, "I am second." video. The link is on my homepage. Also on my homepage is Juliette's and my latest single, "Little Rose." Juliette and I wrote and composed it and the talented Mike Mcquire orchestrated it. Juliette sings the lead, )she has the "hipper" voice and I sing harmony. It's a fun song. Check out the song on the homepage. With my foundation, all of my philanthropy and passion for America, my radio show, writing and blogging, and my speaking engagements around the country, I hope to sprinkle some acting work and voice overs into the mix in 2011!!

2009! Juliette and I have many goals for 2009! I started the year with an appearance on Bill O?Reilly?s show, Fox News, debating Ann Coultur and her new book. Her chapter on single mothers is harsh and demoralizing to all of the well meaning, hard working, loving single mothers in our country and robs their children of their hope. We should lift each up not tear each other down. Check out the interview link on my website. A note for January of 2009 is that I am absolutely enthralled with anything C.S. Lewis. I started reading one of his books after my beloved horse, Maggie, died last fall. His words are brilliantly inspiring and tremendously thought provoking. Juliette and I read aloud his works every night. More to come as the year unfolds! Happy 2009. Live in the blessing!

2009 was a year of inspiration! I was a asked to be a guest on Glenn Beck's Tea party show in San Antonio. This event happened to follow right after I had finished reading "The 5000 Year Leap" and also after I started to get very worried about our nation's debt and our country's future. As Americans started to find their voice, I, too, was starting to find mine. I called my best friend, Cathy Gillespie, and told her that we should start a foundation to educate Americans and citizens about the United States Constitution. Meanwhile, I started my entrepreneurial project of the year. Juliette and I created our first album. Juliette has always had a natural talent for composing music and I love to sing. I decided to teach Juliette about the process of taking a creative impulse and bringing it to fruition. Completing a creative project is the hardest part. Thus, around Valentine's Day, I started to write some songs, as did Juliette. I would write the lyrics. I would then hand them to Juliette and she would sit in front of the piano and compose the music. She was 11 years old. She would then take her turn at writing lyrics and I would take my turn at composing. We had a lot of fun! We even wrote songs in the North 40 on our 4 wheeler! We traveled to Muscle Shoals, Alabama to record our music with the talented Mike Mcquire, (Shenandoah), and Don Srygley. We recorded 10 songs in 3 days. We fine tuned the post production after our return, did the photo shoot on our ranch in 100 degree heat, and designed the album cover. After completing our album, I journeyed to Kentucky to make my debut as a singer with Orchestra Kentucky and the talented Maestro Jeffrey Reed. We stopped through Nashville on the way home to promote our album. In Nashville, I learned how to get our album up on iTunes and by Christmas I had our album copyrighted and up on iTunes, Amazon, etc. Mission accomplished! During the fall, I started to teach an Acting in Film class at Juliette's school and started to delve into planning my new foundation, "Constituting America." 

2008 started with the book tour for my book, “Holding Her Head High”. I did many radio and television shows in NYC, Fox News, etc (many are on my website). Juliette and I then traveled to Philadelphia to promote my book. As I always try to combine promotion of my book with opportunities to volunteer, I spoke and visited with the single mothers at the local Boys and Girls Club. We were then on a train bound to Washington, DC. I gave a speech about my book at the Heritage Foundation and it aired on “C-SPAN BOOK TV”. I, also, visited the soldiers at Walter Reed. It was a tremendous honor to meet the brave men and women who have sacrificed so dearly for our country. I presented Presidential Volunteer Service Awards to many of the volunteers at Walter Reed. I also presented awards to exceptional volunteers of the Red Cross at the American Red Cross building in Washington, DC. It is a gorgeous building with Tiffany windows and also a wonderful portrait of Clara Barton. I took Juliette’s photo standing under the portrait. Juliette and I also visited the White House again for the President’s ceremony honoring women on International Women’s History Day as March was National Women’s History Month; a beautiful ceremony with special women from all over the world being honored. To learn more about my book visit, My book made the Washington Post Best Seller List! We traveled to Los Angeles as I was asked to speak at a single mother’s event at Rick Warren’s Saddleback Church – an honor. I was also a guest on Pat Robertson’s show, “700 Club” in Virginia followed by trips to Nashville and Texas. In June we held our first annual, “Holding Her Head High Awards Ceremony” in Washington, DC honoring outstanding Single Mothers such as Congresswomen Kay Granger and Ellen Tauscher, MSG Juanita Milligan and Elinore Pruitt Stewart’s grandson, the Mick and Joan Wire family. I traveled, and continue to travel, the country as an inspirational speaker and a volunteer. I encourage everyone to enjoy the most gratifying experience as a volunteer. Check out the following website for ideas, . Juliette and I moved back to Texas in June. We enjoyed NYC but we missed our family and ranch! In July I booked a role on critically acclaimed NBC Show, “Friday Night Lights”. I portray the fun, eccentric Katie McCoy. I was hired for 2 episodes but I had the pleasure, as it turns out, to star in 12 out of 13 episodes. The show is great fun to shoot. You walk out onto the set and just start filming – no blocking, no rehearsal and improvisation is encouraged! A most creative atmosphere!! During the filming I commuted back and forth between DFW and Austin campaigning for McCain/Palin as a frequent guest on Fox News and also Larry King.

2007 brought many adventures. I continued writing my book fervently for an April 2007 deadline. The women in my book spanned across the centuries and I had great fun. They seemed to visit with me in my little office (the storage room of an office building with a card table -for $100 a month) as I researched their lives. The single mothers about whom I was writing inspired me immensely, prompting a move to NYC! The mothers were not afraid to embrace the course of their live blessing and fulfill them. They took their children with them and they blossomed in the process. Thus, I thought, “if they can do it, Juliette and I can do it too!” Before our move to NYC, Juliette and I traveled to Chatsworth, California where I starred in a Lifetime movie, “Primal Doubt”. While we were there we experienced three earthquakes! Upon our arrival in NYC, Juliette and I soaked up the culture and walked in Central Park around the reservoir. I quest starred in, “Law & Order SVU” and then sat back to endure the writers strike! I continued to polish my book and prepare for the 2008 book tour. Juliette and I attended many film premiers, operas, symphonies, Broadway shows, ballets, including the awesome Martha Graham productions. I briefly became a blonde, which I loved but others, and my scalp, did not! Juliette and I attended the White House Christmas party, which was beautiful and a treasure

2006 was a year of Christianity, Yoga and singing all combined into one. My partner, Mary Cunningham, and I produced, wrote and starred in our first Christian Yoga DVD, “Christoga”. It’s two workouts in one, physical and spiritual; great for the Christian Yoga enthusiast! Check it out on my website. I also wrote the title song and performed it on the corresponding CD, “Blessed Assurance”. It has one vocal, the one I wrote, and then the rest is ONE hour of meditational music with a Christian theme. It mixes the modern sounds with traditional. Very relaxing! It is for sale on my website too!!

no regrets
Check out this rockin’ Texas Magazine. It is classy, fun and a great read!!

2005 was the year of my directorial debut. I wrote the screenplay, produced, directed, co-edited and starred in “Trip in a Summer Dress”. It was a tremendously challenging event in my life but I LOVED it! I won, Best New Emerging Director, at the Deep Ellum Film Festival in Dallas, Texas. Read more about it out on my website in the “Trip in a Summer Dress” section. Click on “Enter Here”.

night of the white pants 4 I had the great pleasure this summer 2005 starring in Amy Talkington's "Night of the White night of the white pants 2Pants". Amy is a native Texan and a very talented writer/director and one that you should keep your eye on. Amy is going to be a lasting entity in Hollywood! Anne Harrison produced the movie with superb class and skill. I portrayed the role of Barbara, an upscale Dallas socialite and the divorcing wife of Tom Wilkinson's character. Tom Wilkinson is a super talent and it was an honor to work with him. Francis Fisher also stars in the movie. What a wonderful person she is! And the delightful Selma Blair and Nick Stahl also star. This is a fun movie about a dysfunctional Dallas family. Check it out in 2006.

miracle dogsI also had the pleasure of working on a sweet family movie entitled, "Miracle Dogs 2". I also filmed this in Texas, lucky me! The movie, directed by the talented Richard Gabai, is about a young boy and two miracle dogs that cure people. I portray the mother of the young boy and I had the fabulous opportunity to star beside the lovely Leslie Ann Warren and legend Charles Durning. Check this movie out in 2006!


You must check out Biolustre! It is a terrific new product that actually restores your hair and protects it against chemical processes!! I dyed my hair three times for the commercial. I started as a dyed Brunette then I was bleached blonde and then my hair was dyed red! I am staying red - FYI. I love the product. After all those processes my hair still feels soft and manageable. Try it!

In 1995, Janine returned to her beloved Texas and started to cultivate her beloved ranch, Mockingbird Hill (see: Longhorns). Her post Northern Exposure years have taken her to Vancouver, Dublin, Venice, Toronto and Los Angeles. dr t and the women

leave it to beaverThese travels have been for roles such as June Cleaver in the Universal film, Leave it to Beaver, movies of the week for CBS, ABC and TBS (see: Filmography), Robert Altman’s film Dr. T and the Women (filmed in Texas) and two and a half years on Lifetime’s, Strong Medicine, produced by Whoopie Goldberg and Tammy Ader.

julietteHer most cherished role of all, however, has been the role of mommy. Janine’s children's bookgreatest joy in life, her greatest blessing, has been the birth of her daughter, Juliette, n 1997.` Janine’s devotion is to her daughter and all of her decisions are what she calls, “life decisions”, regarding her daughter’s well-being. Thus, she has made the conscious decision to raise her daughter in Texas so that Juliette may be near her family and friends.

birdie and bogey Upon their return in 2002 from Los Angeles, Janine has home schooled Juliette on her ranch but her creative fires are still burning. In 2002, Janine wrote and photographed a children’s book, (see: Children’s Book). She wrote, produced and made trip in a summer dressher directorial debut with her short film, Trip in a Summer Dress, (See: Directorial Debut). She starred in two independent movies, Birdie and Bogey, a Norris Family film directed by Mike Norris and No Regrets,, a Curt Hahn film directed by Curt Hahn co-starring Brad Johnson, Lari White and Robert Merrill, (See: Current Films.)

no regretsShe sang and danced in her church play this past Christmas and she continues to cultivate her ranch and her passion for Longhorn cattle. (See: Longhorns) Janine’s main focus is her daughter and thus her newfound determination is to stay in Texas and manifest one of her next missions: produce, direct and act in projects in Texas – even if she has to create them all herself.

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