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Juliette Turner's New Single:
"Little Rose"

Mockingbird Album Publicity

Janine and Juliette's New Album On the iTunes Store

Janine Turners New Book


"For every mother who thinks they are merely ordinary..."

- Victoria Osteen (Co-Pastor Lakewood Church)

"Holding Her Head High is a wonderful book that I wish I had as a resource during my years as a single mom"

- Doro Bush Koch (Author, 'My Father My President')

Purchase at these retailers. Available wherever books are sold.

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Speeches, Press, Acting & V.O. Clips
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Janine's I Am Second Video
Janine on CNN's Parker / Spitzer Jan 6, 2011 Janine and Juliette Featured in Cowboy Way Magazine
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Janine introduces Sarah Palin at Alaskan Rally Janine in Glenn Beck Christmas Special
Janine on Megyn Kelly October 15, 2010 Janine & Juliette Turner Sing on Huckabee
Janine on Megyn Kelly November 5, 2010 Janine on CNN's Parker/Spitzer Part 1
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Watch Juliette Turner's Speeches Janine on Fox 5 Washington DC.
Janine appears on John Stossel on FOX Janine on Hannity's America.
Promise Land West Speech Janine on The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch.
Voice Over - Orchestra Kentucky (30 sec. clip) Janine with Mike Huckabee RE: Sarah Palin.
Radio Interview July 2009 Don't Mess With Texas Commercial
With Glenn Beck at Alamo Tea Party Scenes from recent audition
Laura Ingrahm Radio Interview Cliffhanger Trailer
Sirus XM Stars BroadMinded Radio Interview Janine Turner Speech
Janine Turner Calls on Americans to Serve on King Day. No Regrets trailer.
Janine talks about her new book. Trip in a Summer Dress.
Christoga. Janine on The 700 Club.
Strong Medicine - Short Skirt / Long Jacket. Voice Over - Orchestra Kentucky (60 sec. clip)
NE "Spring Break" - O'Connell and Fleishman in the kitchen Janine's scenes/clips from Friday Night Lights.
Janine Turner Pre-Northern Exposure Mouthwash Commercial Listen to Janine's voiceover for Grandy's!

Janine receives Presidential Appointment!
See Press Release

Janine has received an appointment by President Bush to the President's Council on Service and Civic Participation. Janine is one of 25 people across the country that has been appointed to the council.
"I believe that Volunteerism is the love that binds all humanity," says Janine, " and that civic service is the heartbeat of our country. Look. Listen. Volunteer."

Please visit for information as to how you may be of service and also how you may have the opportunity to win a Presidential award.